Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Jury Duty

Cry Innocent: the People Versus Bridget Bishop puts you in the jury during the Witch Trials of 1692. You can play your part in history and decide if Bridget is guilty or innocent - hear historic testimonies, cross-examine the witnesses, and then vote on the outcome!

Cry Innocent, which is produced by Gordon College, runs shows on Saturdays in September, and daily in October at Old Town Hall, 32 Derby Square.

Gordon College adds additional programming for October - History Alive! at Pioneer Village is open for group and self-guided tours of the three acre, recreated Pioneer Village. This is Naumkeag, which is what Salem was called in the 1630s before it was Salem (the native Americans named it Naumkeag, which means "fishing place" and then the Europeans named it Salem, which means "peace," as in Shalom or Jerusalem (City of Peace).) There are historically accurate costumed guides and participatory activities at History Alive! in Pioneer Village.

Things change at Forest River Park in the evenings during October - Spiritways: A night in Besieged Salem Village presents a terrifying night-time visit to the Salem of the infamous "afflicted girls". It is a full-immersion journey through the village and the woods, and it is not recommended for young children!

Forest River Park, where Pioneer Village is located, is a lovely seaside park with walking paths, two beaches, and a playground. For more information on the Gordon College productions, visit

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Katie said...

I went to Salem over the weekend... and I love it every time. I spent 12 hours on Saturday just walking the town. I want to live there LOL. But will be back in October and am super excited for the experience and more fun.