Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sand T Exhibit at Urban Elements

Urban Elements Home and Gift Boutique located in downtown Salem, will host visual artist Sand T's latest mixed media artwork from January 11 to February 20. The public is cordially invited to a reception with the artist on Saturday, January 16, from 6-8pm.

Sand's latest work is composed of her notorious dotted patterns formed by luminous and tactile resin droplets. Beneath the gloss lie the unyieldingly delicate graphite lines. The square clayboard supports are saturated with cheerful vivid colors such as chartreuse, orange and red.

Sand T has participated in numerous solo and group shows internationally and locally including: Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and throughout The United States. Her works reside in public and private art collections world wide, and have recently been added to the permanent collection of the National Art Gallery in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

"I describe my work as non-objectional reductive art that deals with the elements of repetition, rhythm and structure." Sand T says, "This body of work, at first look, appears to be rather simple. However, upon closer inspection, it turns out they are not quite simple, but what I term semi-simple."

"I love the minimal nature of the work- its simplicity. They feel jewel-like and optimistic to me. The colors are so vibrant, and the different patterns of what look like water beads give them a very modern and clean edge." Kim Tenenbaum, owner of Urban Elements says about the work: "The term 'less is more' is an excellent characterization of Sand T's non-objective work."

The reductive, formalistic aesthetic embraced in Sand's work is an overlapping of decidedly contrary visual elements: fluidity vs. structural, flat vs.3-D, and opacity vs. transparency. "They are solid, yet elegant; formalistic, yet spiritual." is how Tenenbaum describes Sand T's work.

When the viewer moves from one side to another of the artwork, they will see a sequence of moving lights in her work. Clearly, there is more to be mined from the work when seen in person.

Kim Tenenbaum has always enjoyed promoting and selling fine art by local artists. "I feel a special bond between me and the artist knowing we are there to support each other. I find original art uplifting and I get a charge of positive energy when I look at it. It inspires me to create things." Tenenbaum wants to expose the art to her customers and hopes they experience that same energy.

Tenenbaum's store, Urban Elements Home & Gift Boutique, is full of popular name brands in home accessories, candles, soaps, beautiful vegan (animal-free, eco-friendly) handbags and wallets, local handmade belts and bracelets, as well as artisan-inspired jewelry imported direct from Milan - and yes, it's all very affordable!

"If you've yet to visit Urban Elements, or just haven't been lately, you should expect many new and interesting items for 2010." Tenenbaum says.

Sand T's artwork is on display at Urban Elements Home and Gift Boutique located at 230 Essex Street in Salem, MA through February 20. For more information and store hours, please contact Kim Tenenbaum, Owner at 978.666.4408 or visit Urban Elements online.

Exhibition dates: January 11 - February 20, 2010
Art reception with the artist: Saturday, January 16, from 6-8pm.

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