Monday, June 23, 2008

Construction in Salem

Alas, progress occasionally has some aches and pains. Salem is experiencing some of these now - but it is going to be very much worth the aggravation when all is said and done!

If you are coming into Salem via Route 114 East (from Route 128, perhaps), please be prepared for some delays along North Street when you enter Salem on Rte. 114. Crews are finishing up a fantastic North Street improvement project with line painting this week. For those of us who have been driving North Street daily during the improvements, it is exciting to see the end of the project is in site - and the road improvements look great!

Further along North Street at the intersection of Rte. 114 and Rte. 107, or North Street and Federal Street, there is a lot of construction happening as Salem prepares for a long awaited Court expansion. This project is just beginning, so we will see many months of lane shifts and construction that will result in a beautiful new court facility. For more information on traffic interruption due to the Court project, visit the City of Salem web site at

Finally, on Bridge Street between North Street (Rte. 114) and Winter Street (Rte. 1A) there is construction going on that will complete the Bridge Street bypass road. This project is expected to be complete - and the new road opened - in mid-August. That will be very exciting for everyone traveling between Salem and Beverly.

If you are coming into Salem from Rte. 128 and would like to avoid the construction entirely, take Exit 26 for Lowell Street and follow Lowell Street straight into Salem - it will become Main Street and then Boston Street before it ends at Essex Street / Rte. 107. Turn left on Essex Street and follow straight through two lights. Essex Street will end at Washington Street. Turn left on Washington Street and then take your first right onto Church Street. The Museum Place parking garage will be on your right at the end of Church Street.

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