Thursday, June 5, 2008

Pioneer Village

open Salem in 1630: Pioneer Village for school groups and others by appointment in the month of June. The Village will be open regularly with History Alive! Folkways programs beginning in July 2008.

Located in Forest River Park about a mile south of downtown Salem, Salem 1630: Pioneer Village was created for pageants and demonstrations to celebrate Salem's tercentenary in 1926. The property includes replica structures that give visitors a sense of what it was like to live in Massachusetts in the 17th-century.

Today, Pioneer Village is being restored and preserved by Salem Preservation, Inc., and the Folkways program at Gordon College is providing interpretation. (Gordon College also does the wildly popular Cry Innocent programs in downtown Salem.)

Salem Preservation, Inc. has promised more information as it's available, and when I get it, I'll post it! In the meantime, there is great information about the preservation and restoration of Pioneer Village in Salem Preservation, Inc.'s newsletters.

Click here to see more of the beautiful photography by Rex Passion of Pioneer Village and the Gordon College Folkways program.

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