Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Greensleeves at New Civilitea

This sidenote from the Crunchy Granola Baby newsletter caught my eye, so I'm passing it along. I know I'm in the market for stocking-stuffers, and this is a great one:

Do you ever get annoyed with those stupid (and ecologically disastrous) cardboard coffee sleeves at your local java house? Luckily, one local mom has come up with a solution! Greensleeves are fabric coffee sleeves that are both stylish and reusable! We don't even sell them at CGB, but we just adore the idea and couldn't wait to share the news! Pick up your Greensleeve today at New Civilitea (318 Derby Street) for only $8!

After you go to New Civilitea for greensleeves for all, check out these events at CGB:

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