Monday, February 22, 2010

Discover New Ways of Looking at Art, March 13 - 14

The Peabody Essex Museum (PEM) has planned a weekend of creative explorations for March 13th - 14th, 2010. Nine distinct 45-minute tours offer visitors a unique perspective on the Museum’s world class collections and encourage new ways of looking at art. Tours are FREE with museum admission and are designed to cover and array of interests, from history and politics to fashion and romance.

Mark your calendars, and perhaps plan a weekend visit so you don't have to rush home. These tours look like a great way to glide through a March weekend.


Triumph and Tragedy on the High Seas | SATURDAY at 11:30 am | SUNDAY at 3 pm

The sea is the setting for adventure, drama, tragedies and triumphs in this exciting tour of maritime art.

Love Stories | SATURDAY at Noon | SUNDAY at 2:30 pm

"How do I love thee? Let me count the ways." Passion, unrequited love, happily ever after — the Museum's art tells many love stories.

Art & Politics | SATURDAY at 12:30 pm | SUNDAY at 2 pm

Some objects carry a political message. Come see what our art has to say about power, rebellion and political agendas.

Yakkety Yak, Please Talk Back | SATURDAY at 1 pm | SUNDAY at 1:30 pm

Some art seems to talk — to someone in the painting, to the world at large or perhaps to you. Have fun speculating on what some works of art might be saying.

Sailing by the Stars | SATURDAY at 1:30 pm | SUNDAY at 1 pm

Follow the stars and move with the wind. Learn about square-riggers, celestial navigation, dead reckoning and how art played a part in the great age of sail.

Look ... and Look Again | SATURDAY at 2 pm | SUNDAY at 12:30 pm

Uncover the story within the story in this exploration of several intriguing works of art.

The Library Connection | SATURDAY at 2:30 pm

Explore the far-ranging influence of the renowned Phillips Library on PEM through its treasure trove of art, architecture and astonishing collections.

The Humongous Teeny-Tiny Tour | SATURDAY at 3 pm | SUNDAY at 11:30 am

Does one size fit all? See if and why an object's size matters as we look at some of the museum's smallest and largest works of art.

Keeping Up Appearances | SUNDAY at Noon

Dress for power, dress for allure, dress for function or fun. Fashion crosses time and cultures at PEM.

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