Wednesday, February 10, 2010

NPS presents: "To Claim Justices: Charles Lenox and Sarah Parker Remond in their own words"

Charles Lenox Remond and Sarah Parker Remond were in their time among the most important African Americans in the world.

Their father, John Remond, rose from penniless ten year old immigrant to grocer, restaurateur, leading caterer of Salem, and early member of the American Antislavery Society, while their mother Nancy worked with her husband as cook and business partner. Charles was the first African American hired by the American Antislavery Society. Sarah was one of the first female abolitionist lecturers. In their lectures and pamphlets, they spoke out against slavery across the United States, England, Ireland, Scotland, Europe. They fought for equal rights for all people of color, for all women, in Salem, in Massachusetts, across the United States. They helped preserve and forever change our city, our state, and our nation.

On Valentine’s Day, discover these heroic siblings with park ranger and storyteller Merrill Kohlhofer. Along with Park Ranger Deanna West, Kohlhofer will relate the stories of their lives, in their own powerful and moving words.

Lecture: To Claim Justice: Charles Lenox and Sarah Parker Remond in Their Own Words
Date: Sunday, February 14
Time: 2:00PM
Place: National Park Service Salem Regional Visitor Center,
2 New Liberty Street, Salem MA 01970
FMI: 978-740-1650,

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