Monday, September 20, 2010

Lunch at Capt.'s

I had a lovely lunch at Capt's today! Just look at the pictures...

If you haven't been to Capt.'s, it is located on Pickering Wharf overlooking the marina, Central and Derby Wharves. That's the tall ship Friendship on the left. A lovelier view you could not have in Salem!

We ordered salads, and they were absolutely lovely! (So I had to take pictures...) Above is the garden salad with steak tips and balsamic dressing.

Below is Capt's Special Salad with lemon thyme dressing. I should have taken a side view - it's all wrapped up in cucumber strips.

A beautiful and yummy lunch, indeed! And, if the view is luring you in, the forecast all week is great.

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Linda said...

Hi Kate! First off, thank you for leaving a comment on my post about the Hawthorne and second, this is a great blog full of great information! I'll be going back up to stay at the Hawthorne again in December to check out those "haunted" rooms and I'll have some great ideas of things to do while I'm there thanks to your posts here!

I can't decide which looks better in this post, the view or the salads!