Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A handy guide to Salem restaurants

I can't stop talking about the fact that 70 - yes, that's SEVENTY! - new businesses have opened in downtown Salem during the past 18 months.  Isn't that unbelievable?  Salem is booming!

Say, "yum," because many of those new businesses are restaurants. Salem Main Streets has created an awesome list of all of Salem's eateries, which you can download and print here.

We now have two taquerias in Salem (Howling Wolf and Comida), where once there was none. We have a Polish restaurant that will wow you with kielbasa, and some of the best pizza north of the North End.  You will find Chinese, Thai, American, seafood, Indian, Mexican, organic, coffee, ice cream, pizza, and sandwiches.  There are fast food, family fare, cafeteria style, and (my favorite) date night destinations.

If you haven't checked out the dining scene in Salem lately, it's time to cross the bridge.  Bring your appetite!

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