Monday, October 18, 2010

The Hawthorne Hotel Blog

I get a fair number of questions about the flags that fly outside the Hawthorne Hotel each day.  General Manager Juli Lederhaus publishes the "Flags of the Week" on the Hawthorne Hotel blog each week.  So, if you're wondering which flag is which or what flag is coming up, Juli's blog is the place to go.

Juli explained on May 16 that the Hawthorne Hotel changes the flags on the face of the building daily, in alphabetical order, to recognize the member countries of the United Nations, and the states and territories of the USA.  They also recognize and honor special requests, so if you see the French flag flying, there's a good chance the hotel has a special guest from France staying overnight!

Today the Hawthorne Hotel published the form for requesting a room for Halloween weekend 2011.  If you're planning to come to Salem for Halloween NEXT year, it's time to start planning!

The Hawthorne Hotel blog is a very useful resource for visitors to Salem!

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