Thursday, December 2, 2010

Facebook friends, it's time to Tag & Shop!

It's December, the season of giving, and we are going to give-give-give for the next couple of weeks.  Some of Salem's most generous shops have given Destination Salem gift certificates to give away during December, and we are going to do just that!

Tag & Shop on Facebook

You may have followed and participated in our Tag & Dine give-away during November.  Tag & Shop will work in exactly the same way. Here's how to play...

  1. If you aren't already, become a fan of Destination Salem on Facebook!
  2. Each day between December 2 - 16 we will post a picture of a downtown shop and invite you to "tag yourself."  We post the pictures at different times, and it is completely random.  We try to do early morning, mid-day, and evening posts to reach people who are on Facebook at different times.
  3. To "Tag" yourself, click "Tag this Photo" on the right of the page.  Facebook will then allow you to put your mouse on the picture and "tag" yourself.
  4. Note: You do not have to actually be in the photograph to tag yourself in it!  
  5. Facebook only allows 50 tags per photo, so once there are 50 you'll have to wait for the next opportunity. 
  6. A random drawing will be done - yes, we have a fishbowl with 50 numbers in it in our office - after the picture has accumulated 50 drawings and the gift certificate will be awarded!
Here's the fine print: You can only win once, so if you win a gift certificate, please make way for others.

Good luck!

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