Thursday, December 8, 2011

2011 Photography Contest

It's time to vote for your favorite picture in Destination Salem's 2011 Photography Contest.  With only 42 submissions, this is our smallest pool of entrants in the three years of the contest.  The competition was strong, however!  The Destination Salem Marketing Committee met to review all of the submissions, and they selected seven finalists.  

Now it's your turn.  Review the images here, and then click here to vote

The winning photographer will win a $100 cash prize.  Second and third prizes are Salem gift certificates (good for everything from restaurants to spa services to oil changes!).  All images submitted to the photography contest will be considered for use in the 2012 Salem Guide.

Thanks to all of the photographers who submitted images to the contest.   We really enjoyed reviewing all of the images! The winners will be announced on Friday, December 16.  Good luck!  



The images are also posted on  Thanks for voting!


Ian said...

Why are we so focused on leaving the Witch and Halloween. There are SOO many maritime ports on the east coast, yet only one Salem. Yet all of these options (with the exception of the Wheel) is about our Maritime connection.

Kate Fox, Destination Salem said...

Thanks for your comment!

We are not focused on "leaving the witch" at all. We would love to feature an image that represents our Witch Trial history or contemporary Salem's Witch community - but this is a contest and we are restricted by the images submitted. Perhaps you have one or more images you could submit to a future contest that represents the Witch Trial history? We would love to consider them.