Sunday, February 5, 2012

Go Pats!

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Where are YOU celebrating the Super Bowl?  If you're in Salem, there are several options available - and switching locations during half-time is permissible.  Although we are curious to see what Madonna has in store. 

For those of you who receive this blog in email, and will probably receive it after the big game has concluded, my apologies.  Just remember, all of these great restaurants are always here, and they are always offering great food, seasonal promotions, and creative ways to celebrate.

So, here's the Salem Short List for Super Bowl Sunday...

The Tavern at the Hawthorne Hotel - is offering a special four-course meal, with a course served per quarter. Very clever, if you ask me.  The Patriot Fries look pretty good, too.

Victoria Station / Vic's Boathouse / The Lobster Shanty - They have come together to offer a Shantastic Party that you won't soon forget. Prizes, specials, wings... check out the Facebook event page for the scoop.  They even have t-shirts!  (Oh, and Giants fans are welcome.  Remember, this is Salem - we welcome everyone!)

Seaport Cafe - Super Sunday Funday Tailgate Party at the Seaport Cafe kicks off at 3pm, and will have live music, great specials, and, of course, the GAME!

Rockafellas is helping you celebrate the big game at home by offering Rockafellas take-out from 12-6pm!  (Really!) 

So, whether you're looking for food to go or a raise-the-roof party to celebrate your team of choice tonight, Salem's got you covered.   And, for good measure, I'd like to add one more - Go Pats!

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