Wednesday, February 15, 2012

School Vacation Week Special at the Salem Wax Museum

The Salem Wax Museum is offering a great special for School Vacation Week! 

$4 off the Hysteria Pass, which includes:
- Discounted Admission to the Salem Wax Museum
- Discounted Admission to the Witch Village
- Free Witch Trials Memorial Information Scroll

The Salem Wax Museum and Witch Village are located adjacent to the Old Burying Point and the Salem Witch Trials Memorial.  The Wax Museum is a self-guided exhibit about the history of Salem, including Roger Conant's arrival in Salem in 1626, pirate history, maritime heritage, and, of course, the Salem Witch Trials of 1692.  The Witch Village is an indoor, guided tour through the history of witches. 

The Salem Wax Museum is also home to the interactive Souvenir Factory, where kids can make grave rubbings, spin art, and wax hands (for a fee). 

Learn more & buy tickets online here.

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