Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanks to everyone who made The Buried Treasure Appraisal Event a Success!

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Buried Treasure Appraisal event on Sunday. We had a great time! We fought back the cold weather with fantastic food and lovely music from a quartet from the Lexington Symphony Orchestra. And Grogan & Company Fine Art Auctioneers provided verbal appraisals on some very interesting items that were brought in by our guests.

The most interesting was a necklace that I didn't get to see, but heard it was estimated at $20,000. That's a happy Sunday surprise!

I also heard one attendee comment that he was relieved to know he could give away a chair without hesitation... it was not an original piece of modern art. A handsome chair, though it was.
The food was really fantastic, and many people commented on how the restaurants could be their own event. I think that's (I have to say it) good food for thought!!

The Regatta at the Waterfront Hotel provided awesome mini crab cakes with a cucumber salad that had us going back for seconds. They also had a lovely apple crisp.

Sixty2 on Wharf wowed the crowd with their warm toffee pudding. This pudding is a destination in and of itself. It was amazing. Sixty2 also served braised short ribs over polenta, and that was delicious, but the toffee pudding is a show-stopper.

Capt.'s brought duck - yumm! - that was served on spinach and a little piece of garlic toast. It was amazing. Capt.'s also brought scallops wrapped in bacon, but with a twist! They had a filling of polenta that was really great.

Moving along down the line, Finz thrilled the crowd with gazpacho served with grilled shrimp (and a wedge of lime!). It was the perfect shot of veggies after the duck and ribs.

Coffee Time Bake Shop brought pies, marvelous pies, to get us ready for the weeks ahead. They also had cups of tiramisu and some of the cutest cookies I've never eaten.

And, last but certainly not least, Caffe Graziani brought a wonderful pasta dish from Italy - Pasta alla Ciociara. It had peas, ham, mushrooms and a yummy cream sauce. It was the cold-weather-buster of the day.

Clearly the food was fantastic! We had a great time with the restaurants, Grogan & Company, and the staff from WCRB including Laura Carlo. Hope to see you next year!

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