Thursday, February 26, 2009

2009 Salem Visitor & Travel Guide is Available

Shortly after I first started working for Destination Salem, my grandmother asked me what I did. At the time, we were working on the 1999 Visitor Guide, so I talked about creating the visitor guide for Salem. I will never forget her looking at me and exclaiming, "People DO that?"
Yes, they do. Yes, we do.
The creation of a visitor guide is nearly a six-month process that involves design, photography, layout, copy-writing, editing, proof-reading, proof-reading, proof-reading, and (finally!) printing.
All this is why I am so delighted to tell you that the 2009 Salem Visitor & Travel Guide is now available! If you have requested visitor information during the past 8 weeks, you will receive one automatically. You can also find them at visitor centers and attractions in Salem, and we are shipping them out to visitor information centers throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
It's a great guide this year. I firmly believe that every year we should look at the visitor guide and say, "This is the best ever!" And, I've gotta tell you, This is the BEST ever! Salem is better than ever - there are more shops and restaurants in this guide then ever before. There are walking tours, harbor cruises, attractions, museums, cultural institutions, entertainment, and events - so many events!
We expanded the calendar pages to nearly double the space it had last year. We added editorial on 10 Free Things to do in Salem (because we are all counting pennies, aren't we?), and the map - oh, the glorious map! - is a 3-panel fold-out that will help you navigate from the Witch House to the Ferry to Pickering Wharf to the Common to the MBTA Commuter Rail.
Finally, the beautiful cover image of The Witch House was shot by visitor Michele Mayrose from Chicago, IL. We found Michele's image on Flickr (she gave us permission to use it, don't worry), and her beautiful photograph has inspired us to run a photography contest for the cover of the 2010 visitor guide. So, start taking pictures in Salem and stay tuned for more information on the photo contest!
You can request your free copy of the 2009 Salem Visitor & Travel Guide at
Since it takes so many people to do this, I want to thank everyone who contributed to the 2009 Visitor Guide (you know who you are). It is a real team effort. And, for business development purposes, I will tell you that the graphic design and layout was done by Kishgraphics, and the printing was done by ACME Printing. Both are excellent companies that bring talent and professionalism to the table.
Discover the magic of Salem!

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