Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Upcoming Events at Gulu-Gulu

Have you been to Gulu-Gulu Cafe? It's a great place to hang out... lunch, dinner, post work cocktails, afternoon snacks. It has comfy chairs and a mellow atmosphere - and great food.

I highly recommend the Bruschetta - it's chock full of garlic, though, so don't eat it before an important meeting. The panini sandwiches are yummy, too, as are the crepes (I really like the Czech Traditional with plum jam and whipped cream). And the warm cookies are perfect for an afternoon treat!

In addition to the atmosphere and the food, Gulu-Gulu has events! Check these out:

Free Wine & Chocolate Tasting
Sunday, February 8 from 4 - 7 pm
We will be having a free wine & chocolate tasting during this year's Salem's So Sweet Festival.

Gulu Wednesday Night Open Mic!
Wednesday, February 4 at 8 pm
An Open Mic for all the wild and crazy musicians out there!

Audrey Ryan - 28 degrees Taurus
Thursday, February 5 at 9 pm
Audrey Ryan performs an eclectic form of experimental folk, singer-songwriter indie rock of some alien breed using backwards loops, finger pianos, and other unique instrumentation.

Radio Scotvoid
Friday, February 6 at 8 pm
Scott uses and arranges using minimal computer technology, sample-based software and records with old mics, budget keyboards, limiter/compressor, dual tape deck, a 70's receiver, turntables and bass guitare.

Wicked Pitches - A Capella
Saturday, February 7 at 8 pm
CD release party! The Wicked Pitches is a Boston-based mixed a cappella sextet that has been entertaining audiences since 1993.

For more information on these events visit