Thursday, November 19, 2009

Salem, Massachusetts - for Everyone has a new page, which welcomes LGBT travelers to this bewitching seaport. I am really excited about this page, and I hope it is a great resource for travelers - like our groups page, accommodations page, and "10 Free Things" page already are resources.

As Destination Salem is creating the new page, the upcoming Rainbow Wedding Resource Guide will feature Salem as a destination for weddings and receptions (and honeymoons, I might add).

Here is an excerpt from that article:

The Witch City Sheds its Persecuting Past
and Embraces GLBT Community
- Daniel Whitehead, Contributing Writer

Looking for a romantic, cultural, adventurous and historical vacation all in one? How about a wedding with world class restaurants, museums, historic charm and an emerging GLBT community? Did you know that Salem Massachusetts offers this along with 2 TAG approved full-service hotels, and several GLBT-friendly or owned inns and B&B’s? It’s all this and more that makes Salem an ideal location for GLBT weddings.

As you stroll through the historic cobblestone streets of Salem you find yourself surrounded by some of the best shops, boutiques, art galleries, museums and finest dining options in the Northeast. Hailed as the “Witch City” worldwide, Salem is a charming seaport town, easily accessible to Boston, 17 miles by car or the Salem Ferry to/from Long Wharf North. Many couples and single GLBT travelers have chosen Salem as a destination of choice for their wedding because of its openness to all, not just one group, religion or way of life. This is clearly the message that is eluded within the “Witches- Evolving Perceptions” exhibit at the Salem Witch Museum.

Salem Mayor Kim Driscoll says, “Salem is proud to be a no-place-for-hate community. We learned and teach lessons of tolerance from the tragic Witch Trials of 1692, and today Salem’s visitors, guests, and residents find a welcoming environment regardless of their lifestyle.”

Although the Salem community has monthly gay events, friendly bars and entertainment, it’s the culture and history, both mystical and nautical, that has evolved Salem into an ideal GLBT ceremony-reception location. The city boasts gay owned shops, restaurants and B&B’s including the Morning Glory Bed and Breakfast that is consistently rated as the #1 B&B in Salem on Finz Restaurant, located on picturesque Pickering Wharf, offers great views of the harbor and an ideal location for rehearsal dinners while sipping a delicious martini.

Salem also boasts two distinct TAG approved hotels that feature reception halls, full service catering, pubs and restaurants. Hosting your wedding at the Salem Waterfront Hotel and Marina provides a one stop destination in planning and concierge. The hotel also offers a special concession that donates a small portion of your wedding proceeds to the Human Rights Campaign or NAGLY, the local LGBT Youth organization on behalf of your wedding party.

“Salem is a unique, diverse community that welcomes people regardless of religion, ethnicity, or orientation,” says Kate Fox, executive director of Salem’s Office of Tourism & Cultural Affairs, “The witch hunts of the seventeenth century are long past, and today Salem is a great city for celebration, vacation, and even relocation."

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Check the new web page frequently, as we will add it as events and programs are provided to Destination Salem. Discover the Magic of Salem... for everyone!

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