Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ice sculptures worth a trip

21 ice sculptures were installed throughout downtown Salem this morning.  The weather was gray, but the sculptures were wonderful, and the chocolate plentiful - proving yet again that Salem is So Sweet.

My boys and I walked around town and saw 18 of the 21 sculptures today.  Here are our pictures... 

Dutch Tulips at the Peabody Essex Museum.

Dragon at the Trolley Depot.

Salem Five on Essex Street.

Rapunzel at Mud Puddle Toys.

Jazz piano at Rockafellas.

Snowflake at Lappin Park (by the Bewitched statue)

Salem State University at Lappin Park.

Champagne Glasses at Adriatic Cafe.

Sled at Maria's Sweet Somethings.

Always a highlight of Salem So Sweet - Maria's Sweet Somethings' chocolate fountain.

Beautiful lady at Rouge.

Anchors Aweigh at the Salem Waterfront Hotel.

Big Tuna at Finz.

Mermaid on Pickering Wharf.

Through the Looking Glass at Sophia's.

Salem Film Fest at CinemaSalem.

The sculptures will stay up as long as the weather allows, and many of them are under tents or tarps to protect them from rain.  These are definitely a great excuse to get out and walk around a snowy, wintery Salem.

For more information on Salem So Sweet, which continues through February 14, visit

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Linda said...

Those are so totally amazing! I wish I had time to make another trip up to Salem just to see them in person but alas, this is a busy month and I don't think I'll be able to make it. Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos!