Monday, March 7, 2011

What does Charlie Sheen have to do with Salem?

He hasn't visited - at least not to my knowledge - but Charlie Sheen is making waves in the Salem business community.  Or members of the Salem business community are making waves in Charlie Sheen's media wake.  Either way, Salem has found itself in the Sheen media frenzy.

Here's the Fox News spot featuring Salem Witches Christian Day, Lori Bruno, and Lorelei:  (Click here if the video is not appearing below.) 

Listen to Christian Day talk about Witchcraft and Salem on Boston station WZLX by clicking here.

Salem is a traditional New England seaport with a twist. Only in Salem can you explore a replica 1797 East Indiaman tall ship, see a presentation about the Salem Witch Trials of 1692, visit an 18th-century Chinese house, have a psychic reading, pick up the newest French Dressing jeans, and eat an awesome burrito.  In one day.  A key part of this eclectic nature is our Witch shops. 

If the coverage of Christian, Lori, and Laureli makes you curious about the Salem Witch community and Witchcraft, I encourage you to visit their stores.  Hex and Crow Haven Corner (125 Essex Street) are shops that feature books, candles, and spells, and they feature people who are knowledgeable about Witchcraft.  These are just two of Salem's witch shopsArtemisia Botanicals and Nu Aeon on Pickering Wharf  will give you a different sense of Pagan traditions.  You will also find reference books and information, at Pyramid Books on Derby Street.

Like any religion, there are different ways to practice and interpret Witchcraft and Wicca, but they all have their roots in pre-Christianity Celtic Pagan traditions.  The Salem Witch Museum provides an excellent explanation of the word, "Witch," and its interpretations through history. 

As far as I know, Salem's witch community is no larger or smaller than that of other cities and towns. However, with our Witch shops, members of Salem's Witch community are an obvious piece of our fabric, providing an opportunity for education (as well as shopping - there's no harm in lighting a candle for love or money or a new job!).

We do expect Charlie Sheen to visit Salem - on Halloween.  I would wager we'll see more Charlie Sheen costumes than witch costumes come October.

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