Friday, January 27, 2012

Salem is a Best Family Vacation Destination!

Salem has been featured as one of "2012's Best Family Vacation Destinations" by!

Bewitched Statue by Kelly Norcross
 Here's what they say:

5. Salem, MassachusettsHome to the famous Colonial-era witch trials, Salem allows kids to experience New England life with a slightly mysterious aura. Don’t miss:
Salem Harbor: Start here at the site of Salem’s once-bustling seaport.
Derby Wharf: You’ll see the Friendship of Salem, a full-size replica of a ship that made 15 round-the-world voyages.
Waterfront: A great way to get to learn the history of the city is via its long-lasting buildings. You’ll see the Hawkes House, Derby House, and other mansions that were built and lived in by the town’s most notable personalities.
Salem Witch Museum: A 30-minute show dramatizes the Salem witch trials of 1692, and an exhibit details witches through history.
For historic accommodations, including period décor and even rumors of a ghostly presence, check out the Hawthorne Hotel downtown.

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Salem Maritime NHS by Henry Henry Zbyszynski

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Linda said...

When they're right, they're right!

I'm looking forward to exploring more of Salem myself this year!