Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Atrium at the PEM

When is the last time you ate at the Peabody Essex Museum? The Atrium is open to the public for free - it's a beautiful space to spend some time eating, and shopping in the gift shops. The Hawthorne Hotel operates the two restaurants in the PEM - the Atrium Cafe and the Garden Restaurant.

I don't want to appear sexist (because really, I'm not), but the Garden Restaurant at the PEM must be one of the best spots for a ladies' lunch. It is a delicate, delicious dining experience in a glorious garden at an art museum. Match that up with a day of architecture and decorative arts at the Phillips House on Chestnut Street, the Wedded Bliss exhibit at the PEM, and shopping along Pickering Wharf, Derby Street, and Essex Street, and you have the ultimate excursion for the feminine mind.

If any men out there disagree with me, let me know and I will gladly stand corrected. In the meantime, use the 10% off coupons in this post and grab a quick lunch in the Atrium or sit down for a meal at the PEM. You'll have a vacation within your vacation.

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