Thursday, August 28, 2008

Of Witches & Seafarers

The Salem Wax Museum at 288 Derby Street, in Salem is a destination that takes the visitor through Salem history with the help of scenes created with wax figures that were produced in London. Scenes include Roger Conant discovering Salem, Bridget Bishop being tried during the Salem Witch Hysteria of 1692, and Elias Hasket Derby representing Salem's great sea captains of the 18th Century.
The tour of the Wax Museum is self-guided, with placards at each scene to explain the stage of Salem history represented before you. At the conclusion of your exploration of Salem's historical scenes, you head downstairs into the "Souvenir Factory." The Souvenir Factory is a unique addition to the Salem Wax Museum experience, because it gives families an opportunity to create something to take home from their Salem experience. There is a gravestone rubbing station, candle making, spin-art, a make-your-own stuffed Salem bear station, and wax hand creations. Prices are different for each souvenir, but none were more than $20.

Also at The Salem Wax Museum is the Salem Witch Village, which is an interior tour of the history of witches and witchcraft, and Frankenstein's Laboratory - a haunted house. in the dungeon of the Wax Museum. I have it on good authority from a 7-year-old that Frankenstein's Laboratory is "really cool, funny, and scary."

The Salem Wax Museum also offers Candlelit Tours, and in October it is transformed into the Haunted Neighborhood.

Photos: One of the scene captions from the exhibits; Making a grave rubbing in the "Souvenir Factory."

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