Friday, August 29, 2008

Harvest Festival at the Hawthorne Hotel

I'm a huge supporter of locally-grown foods, eating local, and supporting the farmers who are preserving our historic landscapes through working the land.

The Hawthorne Hotel supports locally grown and/or locally-sourced meat, chicken, fish, cheese and produce through its Harvest Festival. Menus change depending on what products are available, which guarantees the freshest meals that are prepared by the excellent and creative chef at Nathaniel's.

To ensure you don't miss out on Harvest Festival, make a reservation at 978-825-4311.

Thanks to Juli Lederhaus, general manager at the Hawthorne Hotel, for her blog post that led to this blog post! (Sometimes blog rolling just isn't enough...)
Photos: A mini-appetizer of locally-grown orange cherry tomatoes with onion confit, and yellow watermelon with summer fruit granite (a kind of fruit ice) was so light and refreshing. It was the essence of summertime.

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