Thursday, October 23, 2008

Salem on TV Diner with Billy Costa

I told you I would let you all know when TV Diner's big Salem festival aired, and it has aired! It ran on Saturday, October 18 on NECN. It has been running since, though. Last night at 7:30 I caught the first half. I think the second half may run tonight at 7:30, for those of you in the NECN listening region.

Mayor Driscoll was on with Billy Costa, I was interviewed, Finz, Capt.'s, Upper Crust Pizza, The Regatta at the Salem Waterfront Hotel were all featured - among other restaurants. There was also great footage of Salem.

The festival was a lot of fun. Check out the video clips on the TV Diner web site.

These pictures from the festival feature Billy Costa with Mayor Driscoll (top) and with Mike and Rick Rockett, who own the Salem Waterfront Hotel.

Many thanks to TV Diner for putting on such a great show, and thanks to the Salem Waterfront Hotel for pulling the festival together. It was a great day under the tent!

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