Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The power of a Salem Witch Museum sticker!

Your admission ticket to the Salem Witch Museum is worth much more than admission to the Salem Witch Museum (like that isn't enough!). Check out the partnerships between the Salem Witch Museums and other attractions, sights, and psychics in Salem and the region...

Show your Salem Witch Museum Sticker (or receipt in one case) and save at these businesses:
  • $5.00 off a reading at Omen
  • $5.00 off a reading at Hex
  • $5.00 off a reading at Crow Haven Corner
  • $3.00 off a sail on the Schooner Fame
  • $3.00 off a tour with Spellbound Tours
  • $2.00 off an Adult ticket OR $1.00 off other ticket purchases with Haunted Footsteps Ghost Tours
  • $2.00 off Salem Night Tour Ghost Tour
  • $2.00 off the Salem Witch Walk Magical Tour
  • $1.00 off The Witch House (with your SWM receipt)
  • $3.00 off Essex River Cruises – Essex MA

That's $31 in savings... with your $8.50 (adult admission) ticket. Talk about ROI!

Thanks, Salem Witch Museum!

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