Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Good news for fans of the Picklepot!

The Picklepot will be celebrating it's official "re-opening" on Wednesday, September 21st, with an official ribbon-cutting at 3:15pm, followed by sampling and socializing until 6pm.

The Picklepot is reopening as a locally owned spice store on Salem's Pickering Wharf. Striving to be known as the "Source for Seasonings, Implements, and inspiration". The Picklepot boasts over 200 different spices, rubs, and traditional blends under the brand name "Salem Spice". The shop at 75 Wharf St. on Pickering Wharf also carries local honey, fine teas from EastWind Tea along with sauces and marinades from Stonewall Kitchen. A large portion of the store is dedicated to kitchen gadgets and culinary tools.

The Picklepot was recently awarded the Salem Chamber of Commerce's "2011 Green Salem Business Challenge" for our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint, sourcing our inventory ecologically, and supporting other local and green businesses. The new Picklepot features old-fashioned, manual tools that you have to use with love. It is also home to the "Cookbook Recycling Center" where you can bring in your old cookbooks, or browse through the cookbooks left by others and take one home for free.

"You have to eat, you may as well make it taste good." - David Bowie


G said...

So, basically, Pamplemousse Southeast?

DJB said...

Picklepot is much different from anything else! It now has a huge wall of spices along with another section of teas. Picklepot also carries many kitchen items, but is trying to compliment what other stores have rather than duplicate.

DJB said...

Picklepot should be completely different from anything else in Salem. We have a wall filled with spices and another section of featured teas.

We have some kitchen gadgets, but hope that we compliment everyone rather than duplicate anyone.