Thursday, September 15, 2011

Trails & Sails Weekends are here!

It's time to get out and explore! There's no reason not to, because for the next two weekends, it's free.  Thanks to the hard work of the Essex National Heritage Commission and their partners, there will be more than 200 free events throughout Essex County (which includes Salem) on September 16, 17, 24 and 25. 

200 Events.  And they are all free. 

This is the Tenth Annual Trails & Sails, so you may be aware of it.  It is the region's largest celebration of  natural, cultural and historic resources.  You can sail on a Schooner, explore beaches, discover hidden rooms, learn gossip from the past.  And that's just in Salem.

All of the events are listed online at, and printed guides to Trails & Sails are available at Essex Heritage Visitor Centers (including the Salem Regional Visitor Center at 2 New Liberty Street) and participating Eastern Banks.

Essex Heritage is sweetening the pot this year - they have created a Trails & Sails Passport (very cool!), and if you get 10 stamps, you can send your passport in to be entered into a drawing for fabulous prizes.  There's more information on the web site. 

Here's a quick list of the events in Salem this weekend and next.  Make sure to review the event capacities; if they are limited, you may want to get arrive early. 
  • (Re)Discovering Salem's Franco-American hosted by Historic Salem, Inc.
  • ­17th Century Midwives at Witch House
  • ­1812 Privateer FAME: Go Sail! Aboard Schooner Fame
  • ­Beach Seining Demonstration hosted by Salem Sound Coastwatch
  • ­Guided Tour of Special Exhibit at the Peabody Essex Museum
  • ­Hawthorne Hotel Tour
  • ­Living Comfortably in the 17th Century at the House of Seven Gables
  • ­Lunch Hour at the Gedney House
  • ­Marine Lab Exploration Salem State University’s Cat Cove Marine Laboratory
  • ­Talk of the Town: Salem 1802 hosted by National Park Service
  • ­The Art of the Birchbark Canoe hosted by the Peabody Essex Museum
Not to sound like a broken record, but check out for complete information on the listings, the weekends, the host sites, and Essex Heritage.

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