Friday, April 24, 2009

Celebrate Jr. Ranger Day in Salem!

Celebrate National Junior Ranger Day
at your National Parks in Essex County!

Junior Ranger Day will be celebrated on April 25, 2009 at the two National Park Service sites in Essex County: Salem Maritime National Historic Site in Salem and Saugus Iron Works National Historic Site in Saugus.

Junior Ranger Day is part of National Park Week (April 18-26, 2009), which is designated annually by Presidential proclamation as a week for celebration and recognition of America’s National Parks. In 2008, nearly 50,000 people participated in Junior Ranger programs at 200 National Parks around the country, including Salem Maritime NHS and Saugus Iron Works NHS. “This is a wonderful opportunity to bring your children to the National Park in your back yard,” said Salem Maritime and Saugus Iron Works Superintendent Patricia Trap, “I would encourage all parents to do the National Parks’ Junior Ranger programs with their children, and I am very pleased with the new Junior Ranger programs that we are able to present in Salem and Saugus.”

Salem Maritime National Historic Site’s free Junior Ranger Day activities will take place on the tall ship Friendship of Salem from 10 AM to 4 PM. Two Junior Ranger programs will be offered that will teach kids about ships and what a sailor’s life was like. One is aimed at four to six year olds, and those who complete the activities will earn a ribbon; the other is for seven to twelve year olds, and kids who complete those activities will earn a badge.

Saugus Iron Works National Historic Site’s free Junior Ranger program will be offered all day. The program helps kids to explore the people and technology of the 17th century iron works. Participants in the program can choose their activities to create a custom program tailored to their interest and age. Children that complete the program will earn a badge and certificate.

The programs will be available at Salem Maritime NHS on board Friendship,which is docked at historic Derby Wharf, 193 Derby Street, and at Saugus Iron Works, which is located at 244 Central Street in Saugus.

For more information about Salem Maritime NHS and the Junior Ranger Day activities in Salem, please visit or call 978-740-1650. For more information about Saugus Iron Works NHS and the Junior Ranger Day activities in Saugus, please visit or call 781-233-0050.

Photos: The Salem Maritime Festival, held annually on the first weekend of August; Friendship of Salem under full sail. Both photos courtesy NPS.

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