Thursday, May 21, 2009

What's the best way to visit Salem?

The Salem Ferry, of course!

If you're receiving this email through a feed, you may need to click through to the blog on to see the video that is posted. And do click through - it will make you so excited that this is Memorial Day weekend! And you'll want to ride the ferry... really, you will!

Check out the Cruise & Dine and Cruise & Play promotions offered through the Salem Ferry - they go both ways, giving you discounts in Boston and Salem... just for riding the Ferry. How cool is that?

One final note, and then I'll let the video speak for itself... stay in Salem (what a great weekend!) and take the Ferry into Boston for a day or an evening. Whether you're visiting from Hamilton or from Hackensack, it's a great weekend excursion that can be customized for romance or for family fun. Visit for more ideas and information.

Happy Memorial Day!

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