Thursday, December 31, 2009

Start the New Year with a new fortune

You may want to take a glimpse into the future to help you prepare your New Year's resolutions. Here are some of our favorite psychics and readers in Salem.

Angelica of the Angels (7 Central Street) and Angel's Landing (131 Essex Street) are both owned by Reverend Barbara Szfranski. Both locations provide readings, channeling, Tarot, and aura photography of face and body.

Pyramid Books (214 Derby Street) provides Tarot readings daily.

Bewitched in Salem (180 Essex Street, on the pedestrian mall) has two readers on site who practice Angel, astrology, mediumship, and Tarot. You can arrange for a telephone reading with Rick or Helen via the Bewitched in Salem online store.

Crow Haven Corner (125 Essex Street) offers spiritual consultations and Tarot readings with Lorelei, Salem's love clairvoyant.

Hex: Old World Witchery (246 Essex Street) offers readings with Reverend Lori Bruno, who is a psychic, counselor, spiritual healer and medium. Lori's provides many services to guide others to inner understandings of themselves and those whom they love.

The Broom Closet (3 Central Street) offers readings by Lady June, a Celtic High Priestess & Elder who has been doing channelled readings for 40 years, helping many as they follow their path through life.

All of the psychics and businesses listed above are licensed by the City of Salem, many provide phone-readings (check web sites for information), and some do reading parties in your home.

Here's to your future!

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