Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tis the Season for Champagne!

This just in from Salem Wine Imports, where there is a wine tasting this Saturday from 3-6:00 PM.

Just about everyone likes a good Champagne now and again and now there's a reason to drink it other than pure pleasure. A recent article from the British Journal of Nutrition, states that drinking the elixir daily (oh to be so fortunate) with its polyphenols, raises the nitric oxide in blood and, consequently, leads to better arterial function. So, drink Champagne and help your heart along with your mood!

Salem Wine Imports is stocking two very affordable styles made by small independent, family wineries. No corporate board room decisions here, these wines are created by mom and pop, with maybe a sibling or other relative chiming in creating unique, one of a kind wines. Legras & Haas for $32 and Paul Laurent (Gruet family) for $29.99. Both traditional styles with Pinot Noir dominating for fruit flavors, Chardonnay for style and structure.

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