Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Urban Elements - Another fantastic shopping option in Salem

Urban Elements, located on the corner of Essex and Washington Streets in Salem at 230 Essex Street, has a great collection of stylish and affordable gifts. And it smells great. (Between Roost and Urban Elements, Salem has cultivated fantastic smelling retail!)

If you are looking for a large-ticket item that is an investment more than a gift, Kim has beautiful furniture. Urban Elements also has great jewelry, home decor, candles, and belts (see below).
The vases above are made of recycled magazines. Very cool.

The candles above are the source of the fantastic scent. Urban Elements also carries room and body sprays.

Above are a selection of customizable belts. They are very cool, and on sale. You buy the belt (left) and the buckle (right) and both are reversible - so it's like having four belts! And, they're on sale for $35. These are way cool. I won't lie to you. I want one.

Urban Elements also carries some cool owls (yes, I said owls), rice bowls, salt-and-pepper shakers (the glass birds were my favorite), and handbags.

If you haven't been in to Urban Elements in a while - I hadn't - check it out again. The store has expanded and changed quite a bit.

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