Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Winter Images of Salem

Here are some wonderful images of Salem in winter that were submitted to Destination Salem's photo contest. Happy winter! Happy Solstice! Happy holidays!
The Gazebo in Salem Common, photographed by Richard Wise.
The "Samantha Statue," photographed by Sara Lodi.

A snow-covered path in Salem Common, photographed by Richard Wise.

Tall ship Friendship at Derby Wharf, Salem Maritime National Historic Site, photographed by Mark Wade.

The House of the Seven Gables, photographed by Kate Burgess.


Jim Gaudet said...

Snow always looks so great in a photo! I have never seen Salem like that before..

Tom the Tour Guide said...

Go Sara! Always loved that picture, and you, too.

Kate Fox - Please put it in the brochure for 2010 so I can show all my tourists! XD

Nybuttercup said...

Great pictures. I miss the cape ann area. Thanks for helping me stay connected =).

Mike and Tina said...

Love that gazebo pic. Quintessential Common.

Vee said...

Just lovely...can't wait to go back to Salem!