Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Out Night in Salem

This Thursday we will celebrate our first Out Night in Salem, which is our way of celebrating Pride Month, rolling out a rainbow carpet, and promoting the hip, eclectic, "not a dull moment in four centuries," vibe in downtown Salem. 

Tell me, where else can you celebrate art after hours at the 15th largest art museum in the country (PEM), have a psychic reading, and shop for awesome home goods in one evening?  Many of our museums and attractions will be open until 7pm or later, and there are special events and promotions throughout Salem planned for Thursday.

The Farmers' Market will be happening in Derby Square.  There is a real estate open house on Chestnut Street (as well as extended hours at the Phillips House on Chestnut Street, giving you the opportunity to see the public and private sides of Salem's most beautiful street).  The House of the Seven Gables will be open until 7pm, and if you haven't been to the Gables recently, you need to go to the Gables.  They have done extensive research and excellent curatorial work, and the resulting "redecorating" is stunning. 

The Salem Witch Museum will be open until 7pm, and this may be one of the most apropos stops for Out Night.  Their primary exhibit interprets the Salem Witch Trials of 1692, which is a story we all need to know because history repeats itself.  The second exhibit at the Witch Museum, though, that's where the meat is.  That is where we learn the history of the word "Witch," and have the opportunity to understand the ingredients of a witch hunt.  These are the lessons of tolerance that are so important, because it is only through these lessons of tolerance that we are able to celebrate diversity and recognize all lifestyles, all backgrounds, all people. 

Salem has learned from the Witch Trials of 1692.  It's one of the reasons we are a community that celebrates diversity, culture, and fun.  Our history is why we can celebrate Out Night, all the while knowing that Salem is always welcoming to all families, friends, and loved ones.

Out Night is our way of saying that Gay and Lesbian visitors, residents, friends and families are important to us as a business community.  We want Thursday nights to become a great night out for everyone to enjoy downtown Salem, throughout the summer and throughout the year.

For the complete list of events, promotions, and extended hours planned for Thursday night, visit salem.org/lgbtsalem.  



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