Monday, June 13, 2011

Public Art in Salem - New Sculptures Displayed Today

Four contemporary sculptures by Massachusetts artist Rob Lorenson are being installed in downtown Salem today.  Three pieces will be located on the Essex Street pedestrian mall and the fourth will be placed by the intersection of Front and Washington streets. The sculptures will be in place through early November.

Installation begins of the first of four sculptures to be displayed on Essex and Front Streets this summer in Salem.

“One of the things we heard earlier this year at the Essex Street pedestrian mall meetings was that people would like to see more public art," says Mayor Kim Driscoll, "We’re looking at a number of ways to accomplish that, and one was to install these sculptures for the season. We see it as a way to test some ideas before moving forward with a full public art program.”

The public art program compliments the already dynamic arts and theatre scene in Salem, including the Peabody Essex Museum, the Salem Arts Association, Artist's Row, Salem Theatre Company, and several other galleries and arts festivals. 

I'll post more pictures of the sculptures when they are installed - and I'd love to see your pictures with and of the new sculptures!  Send them to me at


peg said...

I love the sculptures! It's great to see the arts taking a more central place in Salem...very exciting!

peg said...

I love the sculptures! It's great to see the arts taking a more cental place in Salem.