Monday, June 6, 2011

Roost & Beehive on

We love to see our friends recognized in the media!  Jamie and Kate, who own Roost, Beehive, and now Scrub, were featured on this weekend.

Here's the scoop:

The economy is sputtering, but you wouldn't know it from the rising fortunes of a pair of North Shore entrepreneurs. Jamie Metsch and Kate Leavy -- recent North Carolina transplants-- have established themselves as a married force of nature in Salem, having launched no less than three wittily stocked home furnishing and gift shops in the city's burgeoning, post-witchy downtown. Among their shops: Roost and Beehive, two stores in Salem that are located side by side. (Your Town, June 5, 2011)

Thanks, again, for recognizing some of Salem's excellent retailers! 

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