Thursday, July 15, 2010

Amesbury Sports Park

We attended a North of Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau meeting (Yes, really, a meeting. Business was conducted.) at Amesbury Sports Park yesterday, and after the meeting we were invited to have a bit of fun.

Amesbury Sports Park less than an hour north of Salem in Amesbury, MA. They do winter tubing and summer tubing, priding themselves on the steepest tubing hill in New England. In the summer, they also OGO, which is the 11' plastic orb that people climb into. There are to options for the OGO - dry and in a 7-point harness, or in a suit with 5 gallons of water (think indoor private water slide). We were dressed for work, so the water option was out yesterday. I may have to go back to try it, though. They say you can put two or three people in with the water... and then they push you off the hill.

Here are a few pics from our experience. It's a great family-friendly option if you're staying in Salem for a few days. There's a restaurant on site, too, so you can grab a bite to eat and then head back out to the tubing hill.

Here's the tubing hill. The trails are lined in plastic and have berms, so your tubes stay on track as you race down the hill. The tubing is fast (at least for my mind). And wear sneakers!

Here's Susan from the CVB heading up the hill. One of the best parts about Amesbury Sports Park is the lifts! You ride a conveyor belt to the top of the hill. No huffing and puffing!

Climbing into the OGO.

This is Destination Salem's fabulous summer intern, Tatyana, strapped into the OGO and ready to go!

And here is the OGO coming down the hill. You roll head-over-heels inside of the orb for about 45 seconds. Notice the other OGO being pulled back to the top on the right.

This is a fun place to check out. I have it on good authority from a 9-year-old that the summer tubing is, "Wicked!"

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