Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How Trolley Guide Ron Olson Sees Salem

The Salem Trolley is one of the best ways to see Salem, especially if it's your first visit. (I have been known to recommend trolley tours for first-time-visitors to any destination. If a trolley is available, take advantage of it!) The advantage of the Salem Trolley is two-fold:

1) You get a one-hour narrated tour that includes downtown Salem, Salem Willows, Winter Island Maritime Park, the McIntire Historic District and Chestnut Street, Salem Common, Pickering Wharf, our two lighthouses, historic districts, and Salem's multi-faceted history.


2) Your ticket is good all day, so you you have a shuttle between 13 stops in Salem so you can easily navigate back to the sites you see on your trolley tour.

If you do take a trolley tour, you may be lucky enough to have Ron Olson as your driver and guide. In addition be being a great driver, Ron gives an awesome tour of Salem, and - as you'll see from his picture - he has a great sense of humor.

Here is How Ron sees Salem.

Ronald K. Olson, Driver/Guide
The Salem Trolley

Where are you from originally?
Revere, MA

How long have you lived in Salem?
26 years

How long have you worked in Salem?
20 years

Your Top Five:
  1. Place to Eat: Bella Verona
  2. Place to Shop: Trolley Depot
  3. Special Event: Halloween in Salem
  4. Museum or Attraction: Peabody Essex Museum
  5. Hidden Gem: Winter Island Maritime Park
Describe Salem in ten words or less:
A multifaceted historical city replete with pleasant surprises and great restaurants!!

What is the first thing you do with guests from out of town?
Take them on a Salem Trolley Tour!

* * *

If you want to shop, dine and explore like Ron, here are the links to the places he recommends:

Trolley Depot

Bella Verona

Halloween in Salem (Haunted Happenings)
Peabody Essex Museum
Winter Island Maritime Park
The Salem Trolley


Yo8a with Sara said...

I'm so missing out.

I'm Deaf, I live in Salem for 4 years (ok I graduated at Salem State last year but ended up staying here). I work at one of social services at Shetland Park.

My question for you is, what if deaf people want to enjoy the trolley tour? What's your suggestion?

Usually we make a request for ASL interpreter. What you'd say about this? Let me know, thanks!

Kate Fox, Destination Salem said...

Hi Sara,
I recommend contacting Salem Trolley directly at salemtrolley@gmail.com. They will be happy to help you.
- Kate

Unknown said...

I see that my long time friend, Ron Olson, has become a social media star. From the first time we met in Wiesbaden, Germany many years ago, I knew he was bound to make it to the big time. Kudo's to Mr. Olson and the Salem Trolley. We hope to visit sometime soon and the first order of business will be a ride on the Salem Trolly with Mr. Olson as our guide.
Vince S. Tucson, AZ....